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Over the years a number of photographs with Marland connections have accumulated.

In most cases, identification is incomplete, in some a complete mystery. If you know any of these people, or have any tales to tell about them, please email Geoff Marland, unless there is another email address specified. In any case, please copy him in.



Alf Marland, Nephew of James Marland (1861-1955). Need information.




George Marland and children. A brother of Alf Marland, nephew of James Marland (1861-1955). A letter indicates that he was gassed in WW1. Need any information.




Picture has "James" on back. We believe this may be a James Marland that may have gone to Australia (?) We are interested in learning more about this person. We believe this picture to have been taken around 1860 (+/- 10 years).




Alf Marland, James Marland's (1861-1955) brother and father of Ernest W. Marland, Ignatia Marland Rittenhouse and (Lotti) Charlotte Marland





This wonderful photo is of Alice Ann Marland, sitting in the driver’s seat of an Austin 7 with a Gordon England type body, around the mid-1920s. Alice (1881-1969) was the sister of my (Geoff's) grandfather James and was an expert crown green bowler.




One of our favourites. This is our (Geoff Marland's and Jean Illot's) Mum, Elizabeth Ann Marland (née Renshaw) (1914-1997), riding a Triumph 250.c.c of the mid-1930s era, taken somewhere on the south coast of England.



This delightful photograph was taken in the mid 1920s at a cricket match, somewhere near Walkden. Manchester and depicts, from left to right: my father Frank Marland (1908 - 1963), grandfather James (1867 - 1929), looking slightly bored by the proceedings and grandma Mary Ann Marland (née Hilton) (1868 - 19..), quite content with her knitting.

I also remember being told that grandfather James kept some chickens. This was not uncommon in the Marland Family; E.W Marland stipulated, when he had built a thousand new homes in Ponca City, that each family should have a small patch to keep some chickens, as he did in the grounds of the Mansion.

Geoff Marland


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